Waldorf and Waldorf Charter Classroom Supplies/National Charter and Home School
Teaching Supplies and aspiring artists alike.

Providing our special collection of artistic classroom supplies with attention to US and Family owned US Manufacturing, Environmentally Sound Products, and Products that continue
to be manufactured in their country of origin.






Rich educational experiences in academics, music, drawing, painting, movement and handwork are essential in creating the healthy development of children and adults. Art of Learning offers quality artist classroom school supplies that are geared to a rich educational experience for all schools and educational systems that teach learning through the arts. We believe that in supporting this manner of education, the development of sensory skills, self-confidence, knowledge and sound thinking will become part of each individual.

Art of Learning is pleased to present our special collection of classroom school supplies for Waldorf Schools, Waldorf Inspired Charter Schools, National Charter Schools, Early Childhood Centers, Kindergartens, Home School Educators, artists, and hobby and craft enthusiasts. We at Art of Learning know the quality that is required by Waldorf Schools, Montessori Schools, Home Schools, Charter and Art schools as well as individual artists and educators. With attention to reasonable pricing and emphasizing US manufactures as well as items still manufactured in their country of origin, we hope you will find the school and art supplies you are looking for. We welcome all comments and suggestions. Customer service and satisfaction are of primary importance to us.