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Conscious Captialism

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Brief Module Description: The focus of this course is on gaining experience on what it takes to
run a profitable and conscious business. We will place you into a very realistic international
business setting where you will start up and run a company for one-and-a-half years (six rounds of

The Conscious Capitalism — simulation is a very comprehensive new venture simulation. It
lets you build an entrepreneurial firm, experiment with strategies, and compete with other
students in a virtual business world. Designed to mimic the competitive, ever changing
marketplace, the simulation lets you gain experience in market analysis, strategy formulation,
and the management of a new venture. There are three goals that this simulation will help you

  • Experience the benefits and challenges of operating a conscious business in contrast to
    the traditional profit-maximizing business paradigm.
  •  Consider all of a firm’s stakeholders, including customers, stockholders, employees,
    suppliers, and the community.
  •  Deal with ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues in addition to the normal
    management challenges of running a business.

In this course you will start up and run your own company, struggling with business
fundamentals and the interplay between marketing, distribution, manufacturing, human
resources, finance, accounting, and team management. You are given control of a simulated
business and must manage its operations through several decision cycles. Repeatedly, you must
analyze the situation, plan a strategy to improve it, and then execute that strategy out into the
future. You face great uncertainty from the outside environment and from your own decisions.
Incrementally, you will learn to skillfully adjust your strategy as you discover the nature of real-
life decisions, including the available options, linkages to other parts of the business, conflicts,
tradeoffs, and potential outcomes.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Give rise to conscious leaders who will build sustainable businesses that benefit all
  • stakeholders;
  •  Develop business knowledge, skills, and competence through extended practice in a
  • dynamic market under the watchful eye of a training coach;
  •  Learn and apply business concepts, principles, analytical tools, and ways of thinking;
  •  Integrate the learning content of all business disciplines; and
  •  Crystallize the links between all business decisions and being a Conscious Capitalist.

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